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Telehealth Services

Providing doctor visits wherever you go!

We currently work with a HIPAA compliant site called doxy which you will have two hours in your initial consultation with Dr. Fregoso. We also have selected laboratory platforms which you may or may not have affiliation with. In these encounters, we will go through your past labs and imaging as well as your health history in order to determine your prognosis and care. Some encounters, you may be prescribed supplementation or taken to our marketplace online to order. We work with a few companies in order to provide the best and most personalized care. It is recommended that you see the doctor monthly at least in order to determine where you are in your progress. We work with several labs in order for convivence for the patient. Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp are a few labs that we work with in order to put together the pieces of you. You are human and unique. There is no cookie cutter way to treat you and we take that into full consideration. 

Business Meeting

Our Partners

Because we work with internal disorders, we have a network of labs and companies in order to better service you and your path to wellness.  Below are some of our trusted labs and nutritional supplement companies that we work with and recommend. Many have an online panel where you can order what is needed at the time. Coming soon, (May 2023) you can click on the icon and go through the marketplace and order directly through the company for laboratory setup and ordering supplementation. If we are physically not open and you would like a refill for a particular item, this will be available to order online to be shipped to you. Keep checking the website for further information. Please note, most nutrient companies will ask for the physician number if this is a new order. 

Labs and Nutrition Companies 

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