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Doctor Examining Patient

What Other Exam and Lab Services do we provide?

Here at Jade Orchid Wellness, we offer a multitude of services and lab tests in order to help with deciding any health issues and addressing complaints. We provide some occupational and legal tests.

Examination Services

Paternity Testing

We either work with attorneys, case workers, etc. on paternity testing. Contact us for a price list which does include paternity testing. We use a cotton swab in order to check the mother, potential father, and child.


Drug Testing

Some employers will ask an employer to perform a urine drug test.  We can provide drug testing with DOT and non-DOT examinations. We have the services to have you in and out within a short period of time. We just ask that you let us know who is your employer and their ID number.


IME Examinations

Due to the experience that Dr. Doris has with personal injury and workman’s compensations examinations, we are eligible to perform examinations and give our unbiased rationale based on the examination and review in order to help speed up a trial. 

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