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Scientist with Microscope

Functional Health

Our standard American diet has been highly criticized for leading to diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and cancer. We love to meet people with lab studies and a personalized diet and supplement plan in order to fight time, beat diabetes, knock out obesity and not only prolong life but improve the quality of life. We are also beginning to see side effects and symptoms from issues that are not normally there. This comes from the environment as well as what we are unknowingly placing into our bodies.  At Jade Orchid Wellness, we perform an in-office urinalysis, blood testing, examinations, and send-off for lab work so that you are in the best shape for running a race, training for a competition, fertility enhancements, gentle menopause, hormone therapy, or whatever you are striving for.

Our Dispensary

We are in partnership with Doctor's Supplement Supplies in order to provide most recommended supplements. If they are recommended and not within the scope of DSS, please notify Dr. Doris.

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