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The Creepy Good Effects of Castor Oil

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Castor oil is a versatile vegetable oil that has been used for centuries for various purposes, including medicinal, cosmetic, and industrial applications. It is derived from the seeds of the castor plant, scientifically known as Ricinus communis, which is native to tropical regions of Africa and Asia but is now cultivated in many parts of the world.

Here are some key aspects of castor oil:

  1. Composition: Castor oil is rich in triglycerides, with the majority of its fatty acid content consisting of ricinoleic acid (about 85-90%). This unique fatty acid is responsible for many of castor oil's properties.

  2. Medicinal Uses: Castor oil has a long history of use in traditional medicine for its potential health benefits. It is known for its mild laxative properties and has, in popular culture, been used to relieve constipation. In holistic circles, it has been used to shrink tumors, increase circulation, decrease cysts, relieve the painful symptoms of and promotion of balancing hormones. (This is used topically in castor oil packs.)

  3. Cosmetic Uses: Castor oil is a common ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products. It is used in skincare products like creams, lotions, and soaps due to its moisturizing and emollient properties. It is also used in hair care products to promote hair growth, strengthen hair, and reduce hair breakage.

  4. Ricin Toxin: While castor oil itself is not toxic, the castor plant does contain a highly toxic substance called ricin, which is found in the seeds. Ricin is a protein toxin that can be lethal if ingested or injected. The oil extraction process typically removes the majority of ricin from castor oil, making it safe for most uses. However, extreme care is taken in the processing of castor oil to ensure the removal of ricin.

  5. Castor Oil Packs: Some holistic practitioners such as the one here in Jade Orchid Wellness recommend the use of castor oil packs for various health purposes as we have described briefly above. These packs involve applying a cotton cloth soaked in castor oil to the skin to enhance circulation and promote healing in the affected area. We can assist in how to apply Castor Oil Packs as well as recommended organic Castor Oil.

Overall, castor oil is a versatile oil with a wide range of applications, and its uses continue to evolve in both traditional and modern contexts. If you should use Castor Oil for any therapies and treatment to either seek out our office at 331-307-7989, come see us, or message us. I have used castor oil for many issues and sought out companies that have utilized high quality castor oil for hair oil, therapies and castor oil packs. While Amazon does provide castor oil and castor oil pad applicators- there is still a question if it is a great product or if the material is made of organic cotton. Because of the absorption in the skin if you are using castor oil packs within your detoxification process it is best to not use anything that may have toxic chemicals as it will make the detox not as effective. We also do telehealth encounters where we council on a detox and the usage of castor oil and other holistic therapies.

Happy Detoxing and Castor Away!

Jade Orchid Wellness

P.S.- The pictures are also links. The castor oil packs will lead you to Queen of the Thrones website. It may be out as I have an affiliated link that I will be adding- I just joined a few day ago and they have yet to get to me on my link.

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